Website Maintenance

Don't Get Cyber-Spaced!

Unfortunately, there are those out there who find it fun to hijack websites and put crazy content on your site for their own gain. Website security and maintenance is required these days. But, we have you covered!

Please note: Maintenance Services are only available for websites built by Third Eye Web Design.

Maintenance Services Included:

We have an internet security team and use the latest web security programs to make sure your site is protected with daily security checks!

We backup full site on a daily basis. This ensures if anything does happen to your site for whatever reason (sun flares, Mercury Retrograde, crazy global energy!), we can restore your site!

Your WordPress website will be up to date with the latest versions of software. The site will be checked at least once a day for updates. When new versions of plugins, themes or WordPress are released, we will make sure your site implements these updates immediately. Keeping your website up to date is also part of our security procedures so hackers cannot use outdated or vulnerable programs to hack your site.

Cost and Conditions

The cost of monthly Maintenance Program is $20 per month and includes the above services. The website must be a WordPress site, and no one other than you and our team can have access to it (for security reasons). All sites must created by Third Eye Web Design.

This is a monthly program and will be billed at the beginning of the monthly cycle per the Maintenance Program Contract. The maintenance contract will be terminated if payment is not received within 3 days of the due date. The Maintenance Program can be terminated by the client at the beginning of the month’s cycle via written request to terminate the contract. Cancellation/Termination will not be done in the middle of a cycle and fees will not be prorated or returned.

If we build your website also, the first year of maintenance is included!

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